Day pass to Grand Bahia

My wife and I will be staying in Las Terrenas for 7 weeks starting the week of Jan 15th. We have visited the area a few times, but now want to send sometime enjoying the beautiful weather and people. Our two daughters will be visiting us for a few days during our stay and was wondering if the Gran Bahia offers a day rate to use its facilities. Both girls are single and in their 20's and know they will asked the question and I wanted to be prepared with the answer.

On another note, My wife is loves to play tennis and I like to ride bikes if anyone has similar interest.

Thanks and we'll see you soon!


I think I was told it costs 50 US$ per person.

Thank you.

I suggest that you contact them direct and ask them about a day pass and availability, but to be frank the drive back to Las Terrenas over the hills on a windy road through Limon late evening is not recommended and so a short stay would likely be more enjoyable: … um=organic

In DR you are an adult at 18.

As an alternative why not try the Bannister Hotel and Yacht Club where you will have tennis?

She has contacted Tenis Club Del Pescador and arranged to play there. It is a very short walk from where we are staying. Thanks.


Good piece of advice concerning the safety

but :


Weren't you refering to Gran Bahía in Portillo, 2 km away from LT. ?

Yes. I was referring to the one in LT.

According to a friend of mine who has stayed there in December :

- Access is strictly regulated

- 50 US$ from 10am to -/+ 6pm. Includes breakfast, lunch and access to the pool.
  Visitors are not allowed to get to the bedrooms.

My error thinking it was the Adults Only resort being sought.

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