Meeting expats in Las Terrenas in February 2019

Hi guys, I plan to come to look for houses in Las Terrenas in February. I would like to meet some of the expats there. Is there a local where you guys hang out, or any meet up planned. Please let me know

Welcome to the forums. There is no formal Meetup planned in the area at this time.

Hopefully those in the area will respond with suggestions of where to meet other expats!

Hi!  We are taking possession of our new home on Jan 20th, Jardin secreto, las terrenas.  We know several people bin the area.  A great place to meet is Mojoitos owned by Carlos.  My friend, Elio, is a real estate agent with 21st Century and could help you.  We are from Niagara, Canada.  You can contact me. Good Luck & safe travels.  Gary

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Where is the private message option?  Gary

There are a few places that immediately come to mind for connecting with expats.

One Love Surf Shack in Pueblo de los Pescadores (Fisherman's Village) is one place you will always find expats. The owners, Barry and Kari, are wonderful and very welcoming. Thursday night trivia there is a blast!

Kiki's (across from the cemetery) is another good spot for English speaking expats.

Do you have a realtor you are working with? Most in the area are expats and can help plug you into the expat community.

Hi DD. spoke to you last year.  We bought a condo on the punta popy beach.  Gary, Niagara, Canada.

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Thanks for the directions. I do have a realtor, yes I beleive he will direct me further.


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Las Terrenas, like most tourist & expat areas it is easy to meet people. Gringos are easy to spot, just say hello. It only taes a minute or two to ascertain i they are the type of folks you may wish to know better. Usually tourists are easy to spot,  sun burned & looking a trifle out of place. Go for it, you will be surprised at the results. Enjoy your visit & don't rush into buying.  Rent first & explore the other areas & options. Have fun & welcome to the island.

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Hello Jasjasmkt,

I live in Las Terranas full time.  The expat community is very esay going and everyone will be happy to iffer their opions and share thier personal experiiences.  One Love in the Peblo de Pescadores is an unofficial expat hang out for English speakers and a great place to start your explorations from. You can feel free to contact me via private message if you want my contact info.  Welcome to the island!

Thanks, I would love to meet you. You can probably clue ne in in any aspects of living in DR. Drinks on me😊

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