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Im aupair just recently and i got pregnant and my host family doesn’t know it yet i just wanna ask if there’s a possiblity that if they know it they will terminate my contract and will sent me back home ? Please i need some advice

Try here … 81#4445208


Since we do not know much about your details hard to give a straight answer. But you may can read following and find some informations by your own. … pairs.html

"Personen ska inte behöva avbryta en planerad vistelse i Sverige och återvända
till sitt hemland på grund av medicinska skäl. Med nödvändig vård avses också
vård som orsakas av kronisk sjukdom. Begreppet inkluderar även
provtagningar, medicinska kontroller, förebyggande mödra- och barnhälsovård
samt förlossning."

Swedish chapter above is a concept of a law paragraf and it says like this: A person does not need to cancel a planned visit in the middle of the visit and go back to his or her own home country because of medical reasons. Among other medical reasons preventive antenatal care and childbirth.

My advice is together with your babies father contact the Swedish Migration Agency. All the best!

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