czech student visa

Hie, i was accepted at an engineeeing school in czech. so while preparing for my visa ,i got a bak statemenet from my sponser...Which included the account balance and the available balance.I would like to know which one does the embassy  consider?

To be honest I don’t know but I think the available balance because they minimum bank statements suppose to have at least $3600 per year...  which is 81400czk. But they consider also is it has at least 55000czk from January to June. Did you applied yet?? When will you be there????

Yes i already went for the interview...And his available balance was $2500 and account balance was $3400....i applied for a long term from 15 jan to 31 august.And my viza reply is not yet out.

Oooh how long the embassy told you they will get back to you is it 60days or?  If so 60days are they yet expired??? If yes you are allowe to contact them and asked for follow.
Because the embassy are not the one grant visa.  MOI are the one who make decesion on your visa (Minister of the interior of the Czech Republic).

And when the class will be start?

On 15 jan

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