Living in lourinha

Hello my name is Clara
With my partner we are thinking on moving to lourinha soon, at the moment we are staying in Bombarral.
I speak French and Portuguese and my partner only speaks English, he is looking to work as a handyman or builder, does anyone know if there are any English speaking building companies in the area? Or any expats who need some work to be done.
We are also looking to meet with other expats that could share with us their experiences.
Looking forward to your message.
Thank you

Hi Clara,my husband is from Aveiras de Cima we have visited Peniche a few times,we know Portugal well.We live in Algarve but travel up often,my husband is a retired welder we plan to renovate a cabin in a vineyard, good luck northern Portugal english speaking is better with younger students in school,Algarve has more english business, they need handy men to renovate we could meet if you like.Karen

Hi Karen
Thank you for your message, it will be nice to meet, let me know when you are coming up here and we can go for a drink.
Thank you

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