can anyone offer opinions on Lisbon vs. Valencia???

Hi everyone,

My wife and I plan to move to Europe via the Golden Visa program and have narrowed it down to Lisbon and Valencia.   We really like both cities, but are definitely leaning toward Lisbon.    We really love the green space of Valencia though because we have multiple dogs. 

I have 2 questions:

1.  Does anyone know BOTH cities that can offer a comparison opinion for me?  They have similar weather, cost of living, quality food, size, etc.   But I would love to hear from someone that really knows both cities reasonably well.

2.  Any suggestions on best areas to live to be near green space for dogs?  Lisbon has limited green space close to/in the city center, so I realize I will have to go outside the center a little, but I want to stay as close as possible, in a "higher end" area with lots of restaurants/cafes/shops.

Many thanks for any help/advice anyone can offer.



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