Real State Agencies/Websites/Portals in Portugal

Some Real State Agencies/Websites/Portals in Portugal, where you can Buy (Comprar)/ Sell (Vender)/ Rent (Alugar) all types of Properties:

Real State Website Portals:

Mix of Real Estate Agencies ads + Personal ads from private owners that want to sell their properties without intermediary companies. Probably you may encounter communication problems in these kind of portals, if private owners do not speak english.


Real State Agencies (most of them are Franchising Businesses) with physical presence in retail stores in main portuguese cities, that offer face-to-face customer experiences.

These agents are exclusively dedicated to a geographical area where they become specialists, many of them speak english:



Real State Agencies with physical presence limited to few retail shops, but specialized in luxury market segments or higher demand in some portuguese cities, especially aimed at non-residents of Portugal.

All of them have bilingual teams, with projects spread throughout the Portuguese territory. They answer the issues of remoteness and the questioning of people who do not live in Portugal and need a specialist to accompany them. Some of these real state agencies are fully dedicated to premium properties.

Swedish real estate group working on visual narratives for a niche market that appreciates rarities, design and quality.

HomeLovers appeared on the Portuguese market in 2011. Offices at Porto, Lisbon, Cascais, Algarve.

Offices at Porto, Lisbon, Estoril, Oeiras

Golden Properties Real State Investment appeared on the Portuguese market in 2010. Offices at Porto, Lisboa, Algarve, Ribatejo

Covering Penamacor, the greater region of Castelo Branco and now nationally. Specialising in all types of properties. On and off grid, quintas, farms, lands, estates, houses, ruins, commercial and character properties. Office at Penamacor.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Portugal Property. Offices at Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

Home in Portugal is especially aimed at non-residents of Portugal. Founded in 1985 with offices at Lisbon and Algarve.

Vanguard Properties, today the largest real estate developer in Portugal, was founded in 2017. The group currently has 18 urban and tourist projects in its portfolio spread over upmarket locations in Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and Comporta.

Office at Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Sines

One of the world's leading service companies specialised in the brokerage of Luxury/Premium residential property, commercial real estate.

Dedicated to commercial real estate. Operating in Portugal since 1991 and specialized in offices, retail, industrial logistics, land and investment.

One of the world's leading service companies specialised in the brokerage of Luxury/Premium residential property, commercial real estate.


Complain about misconduct of real estate agents

If you want to complain about misconduct by real estate agents, instead of complaining here and generalising to the whole country, just because you had a bad experience with an estate agent in particular, you can complain to IMPIC, which is the agency that deals with complaints about real estate agencies in Portugal.

Gov official website about how to make a complaint to IMPIC : … mobiliaria

Complain here : … uma-queixa


If any website above is in portuguese, please try to select English or other available language, somewhere at the top/bottom of the page.

Eg. One of this:

Fantastic, will have a good read.
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The one thing you will find is that most real estate agencies will not focus on rentals and vice versa. Specialist rental sites are starting to appear, not sure if I can publish names here but I am sure Admin will say if they wish us to put it out there. This is important as many people are moving to Portugal without having detailed knowledge and so need time to see what area is best for them.

There are also businesses now starting to offer buyer services (a little like the MLS system in the US where you have a buy-side and sell-side representative)

Almost of these real estate agencies offer rentals services for portuguese and expats.

The problem with rentals for expats is that due to the difficulty with the language, they require services that help them in this work. But that obviously is charged....

Anyone who is interested in buying or renting a property in Portugal should ideally look for the property by yourself in some of the websites available. In Portugal, there is a huge offer of properties, at various prices and for different market targets.

You should not be limited only by a real estate agency/consultant or a house suggestion from any of the members of this forum.

Most real estate consultants in Portugal speak a good English. Ideally these links suggested here (or others you will find out), allow you to start your search, get an idea of what you want in terms of prices and locations, and only after that, you should contact one or more real estate agencies.

Virtual Tours:
By using technology, you can see if a property fits your needs without leaving your home.

Who uses virtual property tour services in Portugal?
1) Customers who wish to buy remotely
2) Clients who wish to validate a property before a physical visit on-site

Also some real estate agencies can make guided tours by videoconference. … rove-house

At Idealista portal, you can select: Menu / 'Listing Type' option / 'With a virtual tour' option

From the resulting search list you can select the house you want to see; and below the property descrition, you can make the 360-virtual tour.


In most real estate agencies websites, you can select option boxes "virtual tour/visita virtual" and/or "video" in your research, to filter properties:

Eg. … dview%5D=1 … p;ct=00001 … tual-tour/ … tual-tour/


Google Tip: real estate agency name + "virtual tour"

Guides for buying a house in Portugal

Process steps, taxes, technical terms/lingo, ...

Portuguese: … 29c7d9.pdf

You can translate free the PDF into English using a Doctranslator, such as:

English: … -portugal/ … n-portugal … e-portugal


Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate from Banks:


Real Estate from the Portuguese State:

Who can buy a house in Portugal ?

Anyone can buy a house in Portugal, regardless of their nationality.

The only requirement is to have a valid portuguese fiscal number (NIF). The process is slightly easier for citizens of the European Union, because of the free movement of people and capital.

Applying for the NIF is free of charge in Portugal and can be done by residents and non-residents. To do so, foreign citizens must present a valid passport. In case they are EU citizens, they may also present a civil identification document from the respective EU country.

If you are a non-EU citizen and not resident in Portugal, you may appoint a local tax representative to represent you before the Portuguese tax authorities. The process is similar to that available to foreign citizens who wish to open a company in Portugal.


Who can be your tax representative in Portugal?

Any person who has legal and fiscal residence in the country can be a tax representative in Portugal. It could be a relative or friend of yours who is resident in Portugal, it could be a solicitor, a lawyer, or any other person (portuguese or non portuguese) who is resident in Portugal.


Solicitors, Lawyers & Administrative division of Portugal


How to get a portuguese NIF for non-residents

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The 25 cheapest towns / municipalities to buy a house:

Ranking, Municipalities, Price (euros/m2)

1,   Penamacor,  399 euros/m2
2,   Nisa,  427
3,   Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, 428
4,   Crato,  431
5,   Sabugal,  442
6,   Penacova,  448
7,   Góis,  459
8,   Gavião,  466
9,   Tondela,  480
10,  Celorico da Beira,  485
11,  Fronteira,  486
12,  Arganil,  504
13,  Sever do Vouga,  508
14,  Carregal do Sal,  513
15,  Castro Daire,  516
16,  Vouzela,  520
17,  Santa Comba Dão,  521
18,  Proença-a-Nova,  527
19,  Sousel,  529
20,  Mação,  532
21,  Vidigueira,  532
22,  Idanha-a-Nova,  533
23,  Alcanena,  534
24,  Alvaiázere,  536
25,  Figueiró dos Vinhos,  544

I'd take any real estate data from Idealista with a grain of salt - their data is limited to properties that list on their site.
Yes, it is as you say, but the values indicated are very close to reality...