Type B Permit

I'm planning to move from India to Helsinki. I  work in an IT company and they will be sending me there for long term on type B permit. I've few questions around that:
1. Will free healthcare benefits available for me and my family on Type B permit?
2. If yes, then how long does it take to get them started, I suppose we need to register with Social Security and it could takes few months?
3. Can one get Permanent Residence Permit if you live in Finland for more than 4 years on Type B permit?
4. Any idea how Type B permit can get changed to Type A permit without joining any local job in Finland?

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Try this website for information www.kela.fi    From what I have read online, if you have a contract for 1 year or more you will be covered but there are conditions. The document I found has 132 pages of information.

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