What's the best place to stay in Hai Ba Trung District?

It seems that my business trip to Vietnam was confirmed. Anyone can suggest to me a street in Hai Ba Trung that are good for expat? In terms of location, safety, supermarket and near to Le Ngoc Han? What are the best condo or serviced apartment available on that location?

Hi, I live near Le ngoc han street .  I think there are have available apt at : 93 Lo duc street it good for every thing / market / near Hoan kiem lake , city ,fivimart ,,

Thank you! Is this a good location Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi? It seems the listing that I saw there was suitable for me. I was thinking if the street is safe and there's nearby supermarket and restaurants.

Very safe.  Hard to find an unsafe place in Hanoi, or even in Vietnam.  That location is full of restos and stores are very close.  Go for it.

Thank you RCrush for the input. I've got a unit near Ho Thien Quieng lake.

My pleasure. I know the place well so reach out if you need anything.

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