dependent levy fees refund

in case i paid the dependent levy for this month December 2018 for one year. for the purpose of renewal of iqama.

this coming April dependent will go for final exit.

can i still refund the remaining months from May 2019 up to December 2019...?

I hope some one can answer my question.

if yes...How's the procedure.


No refund policy till now

amirshk :

No refund policy till now

so sad,,,,

I had paid for the whole year plus one month before canceling my daughter's iqama just to renew my iqama in advance. I haven't got any refund until now. There is no provision and I lost 13 months of SAR 200. So unjustifiable that they take money for no reason.

As far as I know, there is no refund of dependent fees.  They even made an announcement to that effect when they rolled it out.

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