Saudi COC attestation Online

Dear all,

Today I had been to chamber for attesting the sponsor letter written to KSA embassy in India for authenticating my degree certificate.

Officer at the chamber said they are no more attesting these certificates/ letters offline. He said me to get attested online? May I know how it's done.

Once online attested how do I prove that this letter is attested at my home country?

Please let me know your response.


Can any one suggest on this please?

Have you asked the officer at chamber which specific website exactly you are going to upload your certificate/letter, etc. to be attested?

No I didn't. I thought it would be done online by sponsor., but my sponsor is not here. So I need to figure out what it is.

Can you check with ur company PRO and get back to me?

Just an update for my case. Got the letter attested from sponsor through online.  Nowadays at chamber office they are not doing any attestations offline everything is online now.

Basically you will get ur letter in the respective chamber letter head with some scan code wherein you can verify it online.

Good, so everything goes well than expected.  :)

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