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A friend a mine Just asking how to transfer  a large amount of money(50 K $) from Saudi Arabia Bank to Brazil? BTW my friend was workig in KSA and he has Permanent residence in Brazil. Any tax required?


The Federal Police need to be advised in advance of large transfers coming from abroad to safeguard against money laundering. Declaration and questions as to the use of the money. If investing or buying property that needs to be declared.
Anything over 10,000 will cause Bank do Brazil to inquire. US citizens can only transfer $2000 per month. I am not sure as to your situation.
When I bought a car for instance, I sent money to dealer's account

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It could take more than a month to get use of the money.  The exchange rate will be lower than if  you were to use Visa withdrawals.  With Visa you wont have to wait.

Hi Marouane,

If the person requiring the transfer to Brazil has an account in Brazil, and he is sending the money from his account abroad to this account in Brazil, it migh be easier although not the Federal Police, but his Brazilian Bank can request documentation because of Central Bank regulation (such as his tax declaration overseas). Being his own to his own account is (or at least should not be) difficult. I am an attorney and work mainly for foreigners a long time already so I've experienced this before.

Any other situation, the situation then needs to be clarified, but surely It can always be demonstrated to the bank, if it is a legal operation. 

For the purchase of a good or asset the money can be transferred to the sellers account, as per   TexanBrazil's response above, and then the seller's bank will require the private contract that mirrors the transaction.

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Sergio Botinha

Transferring large sums of money into a Brazilian Bank account can be very frustrating...  please talk to the receiving  bank in Brasil before any transfer is done.

I made a similar transfer from my U.S business bank account into my Brazilian business bank account and it took me almost 3 months to clear the funds as the bank in Brasil requested paper work which i summited within a week but took them so long to do verifications.

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