given police complaint against my friend 2 years back regarding 12$

one guy given police complaint against my friend 2 years back regarding 12$

actually is he use to repair mobile phone when he is free as in night time. he use to post adds in carosel that he repair mobile phone . he repaired many number of phones before and he have very good reviews. but once his work permit expired he went back to India. one guy texted him his phone is locked and he wanted to unlock it. my friends unlocked many phones telling procedure to unlock online and many people unlocked with his procedure. even he wanted to do his phone unlock online .so that customer paid him 12$. in India my friend from village their is no profer network to use internet so he havnt came online for three days so that customer without my friend reply he given police complaint. once my friend reply after 3 days he is telling that i complainted report in police. and my friend requested him alot dnt report to police and requested him alot but no response from him. . and after complaint no one contacted me because my friend in India. he dono wat to do now. because he got job offer in Singapore. and is this will problem in spass approval? .pls help .

I have problems interpreting your post, so if my reply below does not reflect the actual situation, please explain in clearer words what you mean:
If your friend did the phone repair work and was reported to police because of that in INDIA, this will not have any implications fo a SINGAPORE visa. They are separate countries!
If, however, the incident happened in SINGAPORE, it depends on whether he was convicted or not. What happened after the complaint was lodged?

he was working in Singapore. after his visa expied he went India, and after reaching India after one day he saw customer message in carosel regarding phone help so he told him to pay 12$ so i will help u step by step . that time he wanted to solve that customer problem but without his reply he reported reported to police within a day. now my friend got job offer in Singapore again . he is going to apply so is that will b problem in approval of spass? he requested that customer but no response. after complaint loged but nobody contacted my friend from police department or any other department.

You basically repeated what you wrote before, without clarifying the points I asked about. Without clear answers I cannot help you further:
Did this happen in Singapore or India?
Was he convicted?

it happened in Singapore. report filed in Singapore it self

If he was working illegally in Singapore, this can have huge and very bad consequences.
He better contact ICA and MoM to find out whether there is a bad record against him and what he could do to clear it.
He should have known that he is not allowed any other work than what is stated on his work pass (and after expiry of the work pass, none at all).

how to contact MOM ? and to ask them which all details need to provide?

The contact details are on their webpage, of course.

but sir that person filed report online in Singapore after that no one police contacted my friend.

You said your friend left Singapore shortly after that, so they might not have been able to find him.

yeah. so any problem because of 12$ if he apply for job in Singapore now?

You don’t seem to understand: It is not the S$12 (which is minor), but the fact that he worked illegally at all. If the authorities figured this out through the police report, he is certainly banned. If not, he should count himself lucky, but never do it again!

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