SMA vs Ajijic

Isn't it a lot more expensive to live in SMA than Ajijic?

I live in Ajijic and spent a week over in SMA recently. It seems to me that housing (rents and purchasing) are more expensive along with  municipal taxes. Restaurant food was definitely more too. I couldn't see any other major differences. Taxi's and buses were about the same and groceries seemed pretty similar. You might end up spending a bit more on gas to heat your home as it is cooler there than Ajijic. And trips to the airport (although I didn't take one), I would expect to be quite a bit more just due to distance. All in all I would say you could expect to spend an additional 20-25%. That's just my opinion. We'll see what others have to say.

Anyone considering SMA or Ajijic should go there to visit.

Cost of living is just one of many, important factors to consider.

Use to check cost of living, you can compare the two cities side by side with actual data

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