The 5 most expensive and the 5 least expensive cities to live Mexico

Here is a good reference if you're searching for an affordable place to live in Mexico. … vir-mexico

I noticed Cuernavaca is #5 on the most expensive cities in Mexico.  Something for me to watch for since I've been planning on possibly moving there.


Good post. It's definitely a start.

"The survey covers 42 towns of the Mexican Republic and measures the comparative cost of 182 products and services grouped into 9 areas, including housing, food, transport, education, entertainment, clothing and footwear, personal care, household appliances and health. "

Housing or rent is the real deciding cost. Most retirees will not calculate in education, but would calculate in health and entertainment. Cost for taxis and buses are similar in Mexico except for the larger cities where distance from where one lives is greater. I can't imagine how clothing and footwear would differ that much within the country. Household appliances are relatively the same in Mexico. I can even imagine how to address personal care.

Where is the list?

Here it is in Spanish??? … vir-mexico

It was already on my original post so don't know why the person couldn't find it??

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Now you know why I live in Tlaxcala.  I can find almost anything I desire here (we even have a Sams store) but if I can't, I can hop on a bus and be in Puebla in one hour (Population 2 million.. or go to Mexico City 2 hours away Population 22 million. Because Tlaxcala is the smallest State in Mexico its easier for them to handle the Infrastructure, better roads, services and transportation, etc. I'm not touting anyone to come here but theres several nice archeological zones and many historical sites. This was Cortes military headquarters during the conquest.
Lots of free cultural events,

Hi,touristguide,it seems the crime rate and cost of living are attractive too,and the cool weather's doable.I wanna move there in March Would you recommend it? My email is: ***

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Link would not open for me.  :( 

I own a home in Tulum.  I wonder how our town did.

maryellen1952 :

Here is a good reference if you're searching for an affordable place to live in Mexico. … vir-mexico

So maryellen this seems to be worldwide not just Mexico, and actually not much on Mexico at all.

To me living economically in Mexico is pretty basic. Tourist areas are more expensive. Small villages and towns with less tourist activity and fewer English speakers are generally less expensive, often a lot less expensive. Most of us are looking for access to many of the things we are accustomed to so that would be at least a medium-sized city.

As for crime follow the cartel routes. More cartels equal more risk. So logically you should know that states bordering the U.S. would have a higher risk. The east coast has a much higher risk, whereas the west coast is moderated by the U.S. states on the other side. Southern Mexico is generally much safer. Yes, There have been problems in the tourist areas but not so much with tourists, but with cartels trying to fight for the American and other tourist dollars as well as the tourist thurst for drugs. The police stomp on that activity pretty fast.

The least expensive city in Mexico will always be the one you are happiest with.     Travel around a lot if you can before settling down rock hard.

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