Moving to Mexico with young children

Hello all! My husband and I have been planning a move to Mexico with our three young children ages 3, 5 and 7 as soon as he retires in spring of 2019. We have narrowed it down to Ajijic, San Miguel de Allende, and Merida. We plan to have our children attend a bilingual school. I speak Spanish but my husband and kids do not. I will be working full time online since my job is remote, so reliable internet is necessary.

Does anyone have any experience raising kids/living in these cities? I'd love to hear about schools, cost of living, pros and cons, etc. By the way, we have visited Ajijic and Merida several times (I lived with a family in Merida as a college student years ago too), but we have yet to visit SMA and plan to do so this year.

Thank you! Colleen

Hello - I am from Canada and living in Merida. Although I do not have kids, I have seen many eat families here with kids attending private schools. For more info I would join Facebook groups such as Yucatan Beach Friends & Merida Amigos to ask

Thank you!

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