Want to be friends with a Dane?


First of all I hope this posts is OK, since I'm not an expat, but a local Dane.
I have an 8 yo daughter that is very good at English Ana she would really like to have an English speaking friend.
She speaks it almost fluently, her native tongue is Danish.
Ideally a girl around the same age, that loves Roblox and YouTube. 😊

We are a family of three, my daughter, my husband and I living in Roedovre, 8 km west from Central Copenhagen.
We are also open for meeting your whole family, have dinners together or other activities.

Hi,Am pleased to know that you need your daughter to learn English. Am delighted to let you know that am willing to assist where  necessary. I have a family too,a son and two daughters.


You have posted on an old inactive thread.

According to your profile you are a Kenyan living in Kenya so how can you meet up with the OP in Denmark or offer help??

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