Coffee and chat?

Hi everyone,

I arrived in CPH yesterday, and I'm staying for 10 months. I don't really know anyone here yet, and can't really speak Danish all that well!
Just wondered if anyone fancied a meet up? It would be nice to get to meet people.


Hello Jade.

Welcome to! :)


Hi Aureilie,
and thank you :)How are you?


I am new in Copenhague too. Do you still want that chat and that coffee?? :)

Hi eseblis,
How long have you been in Copenhagen? And I would never say no to a cup of coffee :) x

This is my second week.

I have met a lot of Spanish people here, that is also good. But I would really like to meet other people in order not to speak just Spanish!

I arrived just over a week ago. I am hoping to start Danish lessons soon to stop me speaking just English! What part of Copenhagen are you living in? x

I am living in the north, in Lyngby, but I got a bike and I can go everywhere :D

I just applied to the Danish lessons on Monday, and they told me I will have to wait about 2-3 weeks to receive a letter from my school (in Hellerup, I think) and start lessons...

too much time!! >.<

Where do you live? Are you studying in Denmark?

Hey a German expat here who would not mind to join at all if that is still possible :)

Hey everyone, Im Eleonore.  I am originally from Ecuador but grew up in England and now live in Copenhagen.  I have ex pat parties quite regularly if you are interested, with people from this site as well as other ex pat sites :)  Send me a message if you want to know more :)

Im living in Vesterbro, so I'm quite central. I'm a student in England, but I'm actually working here for experience for the next year :)
lokit12, of course you can join :)
elebasil, I would be interested in an expat party :D

Hey, are you on facebook?  I have a group on there for the ex pat parties :)

Thanks!! :) Any idea when ... or where? p.s. party I am up for it!!

Yeah I do elebasil, whats your groups name?
And when is everyone free for this coffee session? x

Now that is a good question ... Friday evening or Saturday afternoon otherwise next week evenings or next weekend. :)

I would also like to join the facebook group!

I am available most of the afternoons/evenings and so right now, so we can have the coffee sesion when you wish :) friday or saturday or sunday... any


hey :) if you add me on facebook i can add you to the group as it's a private group :) My name is Eleonore Basil :)

I added you :)

hey everybody!!!!!

Ive arrived a few weeks ago in copenhagen and looking to start work and Danish lessons! can anybody recommend few ideas!?

Hey there!
I'm from copenhagen, so if you want someone to have a coffee with or something like that, please let me know! :)


M up for a meeting or party holla at me if there is anything, m in valby

So I thought we could meet somewhere this weekend for coffee?? Let me know how that fits in with everyones plans :)

i'm free this weekend, and elebasil how can i join in that group when its private?!

There is a party at my place on Saturday :) if we aren't friends already my name is Eleonore Basil :)

super ! i did it already and thankx for the invitation

Hi Jade,

I am also new to Denmark. Are you still up for the coffee.

Hi everyone,
I'm Noria, I live in France and will come this sat 29 dec for a week to visit copenhaguen and see if I can move in next June 2013.

I'v planed to travel by myself so if one (or all ;) ) of you would like to hang out during the week I'll be more than happy to meet :)


Hi Dejanyre,

Let me know if you're still looking to hang out sometime this week. I also arrived today from spending a week in England, I moved to Denmark beginning of December (from US) so I'm fairly new as well lol.

anybody free tomorrow?


Yes i'm free tomorrow. I'v planned to do a free city walk tour starting 11am and 1pm in front of city hall square.
Someone is interested?
I wish to do it in the morning coz i'm leaving town on monday (i'v changed a bit my plan and will spend the rest of the week in Aarhus).

Let me know.
For more info: - free walk city tour copenhaguen.


Yes Noria, Its a perfect time to enjoy a city. I hope the weather would be perfect. do you have facebook id. You can add me right now and we both planned a few hours good time in city. do you use facebook?

If there is anything for a new year eve ,then i will be interested to join in

Sure here is my fb: noria cherigui

Hi everybody. I will leave the hotel soon and won't have access to e-mails. If u r still interested to meet let's meet at 12:45 in front of city hall town, up the stairs. I'll be wearing a dark blue coat.

C ya

Ugenius man. Found u. Done

great :) thank you.

Sorry i cant make it today, but hope u guys have fun

Hi. i am Francesco..i will move to Copenaghen next month, so i'm looking around to meet some people, if you don't mind, i'm nice to meet you! i am italian, 27 years old, i'm moving from Oslo.
how about you? how your experience are going?


Hey how are you finding it?

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