Moving to Brasov

Hello guys, I want to buy an apartment in Brasov but I am very confused with the areas. I will go there in one month and until then I am doing my online research to see some properties.
Is anyone living there to advise if is better to choose something within the city:șov  or outside of it, likeânpetru-residence-brasov ?
Thank you

Same here. Are you buying to move in or just as investment?

I intend on moving :)

Here's my 2 cents on moving to Brasov as a born and raised brashovean.
Both locations have their ups and downs. I'll try to be as succinct as possible.
Location 1 (outside the city)
It's very quiet and peaceful, the surroundings are great on all seasons, wonderful for raising a family, close to walks in nature. The Coresi Mall is right at the entry in Brasov, assuming you come from Sanpetru, with dozens of shops and gyms.
Rush-hour is a thing now in Brasov, especially in the segment leading outside the city towards Sanpetru. The city hall is currently working on loosening the traffic in this area and it's a work in progress as we speak.
Location 2 (inside the city)
You're close to everything. The property that you mentioned is in a residential area with a lot of parks and shops in its vicinity. It's relatively quiet and you can get to the Old Center quite easily by hopping over the hill. Public transport is very close to that building, too.
I can't really think of anything bad in that area, to be honest. I have some friends who live right next door to that property and they're very happy with everything the neighborhood has to offer.

In the end it all depends on what you are looking for. If you're looking for peace and quiet, the outside of the city provides that in a wonderful landscape. If you like to be connected to the city life and be right in the middle of things, then inside the city is where the action is.

Hope this helps.

Peace and quiet is my choice :)

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