Karaoke in Kuwait

Looking for a great Karaoke spot in Kuwait, maybe Karaoke + Shisha? Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!

They may have gone out of business by now but from 2011-2015 I enjoyed myself greatly at a little karaoke place above a restaurant behind the Fintas co-op run by some Philipinas.  Great song selection and decent PA equipment.  No shisha though.  Maybe now 3 years later.

If that's closed ask any middle class Phillipinos - many of them have nice personal systems and have frequent parties.  There was a mixed couple - the guy was a hip Kuwaiti lawyer and his wife a beautiful blonde Turkish lady - who would put on a once a month Karaoke party in a shopping center restaurant in Salmiyah that converted to a karaoke bar at midnight.  They hired guards to keep mall-walkers out of the hallway in case they were fundamentalists who mike call the police - not that we were drinking or anything!  The same couple put on great latin dance parties for salsa, bachata, samba.  Don't remember their names but look online for "Bachata Night Kuwait" - always had "Bachata" in the name of their dance nights.  Then ask them about the more undercover karaoke events.

Thank you for the suggestions - I'll see if I can't follow up on them!

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