Fingerprint Appointment for NIE renewal

Hello, i have my fingerprint appointment tomorrow and my coordinator say i only need my passport and proof that my NIE renewal was approved.  Online it says i need to bring everything i brought to the first appoint ment again plus pay the tasa again.  DO i have to pay the tasa 12 again or do i just have to bring proof that i paid it the first time.

You have got something wrong. 

One does not give fingerprints for an NIE and an NIE never expires so never needs renewing

I think he means a TIE, not a NIE. My advice take everything they ask for and anything they might ask for.

I always take every piece of official paper I have to any appointment. Por si acaso

.... and usually there is a document that is lacking...

What’s a TIE .? Yes and don’t forget a DNA sample ,an IQ test result,a first baby photo, ALL your medical since you were born, complete family tree history ,, and not forgetting a  blood,urine and stool sample ! And am sure you’ll still have forgotten something,,,,, a not very cynical Martin ,

The problem with making applications probably anywhere is not ensuring one knows and conforms to the requirements

Working as I have for many years with the police assisting non Spanish speakers I have never seen anyone, who has conformed with the requirements,  having any problems

It is disappointing that so many non Spanish speakers  seem to delight in insulting a system they do not understand and then displaying their prejudices and lack of manners with unhelpful and rude comments.  Such comments would appear to be contrary to the conditions of the forum

Hi John, Yes I may have been a little over the top with my comments but it was all meant to be tongue in cheek for a brief moment, whilst I can personally add some of my problems I have had trying to obtain residencia ( or as you correctly put it ,Certificate of Spanish Residence) and also trying to register a vehicle I have brought over from the UK ,which have both proved to be beyond belief in the requisite beaurocracy, and neither of them sorted even after trying for several months ( we have had two well respected Gestorias working on this for us,and would like to add that we have been to the police station to accompany these experts, also we have always had with us ALL the necessary paperwork ) it appears that the rules here in Gran Canaria have very little similarity to mainland Spain ( which appear much more acceptable to expats I see you are based in Malaga, I can assure you that over here it is a completely different ball game,unfortunately,I have six friends and an ex wife living in Mainland Spain and between them have not had anywhere near the problems we are experiencing ) I will report on here at great length when it is all sorted ( hopefully) especially the fiasco regarding my vehicle,!
All that aside I certainly don’t want to appear anti Gran Canaria, because we love living here ,the weather is beautiful, local people very pleasant,and seemingly a fairly crime free environment,and have invested heavily to be here after many years holidaying, and have no desire to return to the UK, so the comments I made were not from an expat old moaner, but a couple wishing to settle here to enjoy my remaining years , we’re just hoping it will all be resolved soon !
Also we are both learning the language and my partner is applying for a job,so again not just a whim to live here !
I will also add that we owned properties in Thailand for over ten years so we are quite well rehearsed in living in a different country and the potential hurdles that have to be overcome.Hopefully I will be able to report on here in the future of my progress and conclusion on a more positive note!
Again I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my comments,apologies if so !
Kind regards Martin

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