Condos to stay? Your thoughts please..

We are a small family of 3 and looking for an accomodation on KJ Line. My office right on Bank Rakyat Bangsar.

I have looked at KL Gateway and Gaya Bangsar. However both are slightly expensive.

I want a 2 bedroom apartment (or a big 1 bedroom) and my budget is about 2200 max.

Does anyone here know of good condos around Bangsar LRT?

Many thanks.

Hi Anup,

    Please try  Pantai Panorama Condominium at KL Gateway. Its very Decent Place with all amenities .You will get 3 bedroom Flat approx 2000- 2300RM.

Try Mont Kiara . It’s good

I heard the traffic during peak hours is very bad on this stretch going to mid valley . Can anyone verify this? Is MK a better choice in terms of traffic ?

How does this area compare to Mk?

How about uptown Damansara area? Anyone staying there?

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