e-ID card: ID Card Authentication Certificate ?

I recently got my e-ID card and activated my e-ID account on mygov.mt.
I'm trying to find out how i can submit my VAT returns online, or taxes etc using it.
Now i understand for this you need to activate some services on your account.

However, these services say that to be activated i have to "sign in using the ID Card Authentication Certificate", which a simple login using you ID number and password isnt apparently.

How do i do that ?
Looking at step 4 here,  it implies i need to use an actual piece of hardware installed on my PC to read the card ?
Where do you buy/get such card reader ? 
That sounds like quite the hassle.. Is there no other way ?


Ronchiporc, good morning
I am bothering my self with same issue for a while. Have you find any answers to this hassle.
Kind regards Marko

Not all services will require it - I've never come across any - I imagine it might be used by gov employees and such.  It's optional and it seems for most not needed

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