Any recommendations?  Moving to San Juan in December.  Currently in Miami attending a progressive church, great music (guitars, drums, upbeat songs and singing--no hymnals).  While my Spanish is okay (and getting better), there is no way I could understand a sermon in Spanish.


Same question, I would love to find out about an English-speaking church.

There are many options for English speaking "churches"   
Union Church is non denominational  there is one in Punta Las Maria and one in Guaynabo
There are at least 4 Roman Catholic Churches offering Mass and programs in English: San Agustin in Puerta de Tierra, Perpetuo Socorro in Miramar, La Piedad in Isla Verde.  there is also Stella maris which is in Condado.
There is also the Episcopal Cathedral  in San Turce and the Lutheran Church in San Turce near Loiza St...
all in English if you are interested in worship.

There's a Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico located at 405 Ave. Esmerelda Ste. 2 PMB 108 Guaynabo, PR 00969, which is an English speaking church.  I haven't been to this specific Calvary Chapel, but I've attended Calvary's for years, and I appreciate the teaching style they all use.

Second Union Church is in Guaynabo.  Pastor Robert Zoba. Bible based teaching, inter-denominational worship at 10am on Sundays.  Small groups and Bible studies throughout the week.  Spanish conversational classes.

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