Is there much acting in Jakarta?

Hey guys 👋🏼

So I studied as an actor back home in England.
Right now I’m in Jakarta, and I can’t seem to find anything performance related anywhere.

So I’m asking, does anyone know of any theatres in Jakarta? 🎭 or any film directors or crews?

Any information at all would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


There are loads of talent agencies and most of them look for bule from time to time, mostly for adverts but some for TV.
Your problem is likely to be getting a work permit.
There are several acting schools I'm aware of; I'm assured three or four of those being the top places.
A quick google will sort them out for you.

Thanks for the advice Fred, I really appreciate it ☺️👌

Hi Will,

please check it out
From Jogjakarta


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