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I was with my Albanian boyfriend for two years I live in the US and he lives in the UK he’s been living there for seven years without any papers he tried to do a fake marriage and they deported him back to his country  in Albania He came back illegally again and is trying to do another fake marriage with another girl and they’re living together my question is if he’s been deported back will they let him get a visa? Or is he pretty much screwed

Your boyfriend is living with another woman and your asking how to help him with anything?
No accounting for taste and common sense but the answer is he has pretty much zero chance and deserves it.

Yes it’s so messed up I’ve cried myself to sleep multiple times because of this and he’s telling me this is the only way he can do it and the girl doesn’t know that he’s using her and i don’t now her either I’m just hurt and i just want to know if they’ll actually accept him in the country

A proven illegal immigrant with known criminal intent - Not a lot of hope.
On a personal note - You know he's sleeping with other women so ditch him. If he treats others that way, he'll do it to you.

Yes he’s already done before with a girl and they sent them both back and he’s trying to do it again but this time he’s making the girl believe their in a relationship and he said once he gets the visa he’ll tell her to go on with her life it’s really messed up not only for her but for me and you’re right i am done with him especially since he blocked me on everything to make this so called relationship look real he talks to me once every 2 months

Sounds like a plan

He has no chance it getting married then ditching his girl. That's if he gets that far to be married. He would have to be with her a number of years. If divorces her straight away we will get deported. But without any papers he has no chance.

How about if he’s already been deported previously he got deported last year for a fake marriage and they deported him back home now he’s trying to get married back home and do his papers do you think they will even accept him since he was deported the first time

Also they haven’t been together for that long they meet a couple of months ago and he’s leaving in December to get married in Albania to start his paper work from there

Even if he gets married back home he will never be allowed back into UK as immigration will have all his details on their computers and it will have a little red flag beside it indicating his previous deportation.

Thank you, that’s what I figured as well but i wasn’t 100% sure and I knew it would be a waste of time but no one ever wants to listen to me thank you again

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