Visa changes again!!!!!?

Hey Joe.

I'm confused, I've just gotten off the phone to the Cambodian embassy. They said there is no way for an Australian to retire in Cambodia.
We've had a conversation about this before so I'll keep it simple.
I'm 45- I am on a disability support pension and I like to live in Cambodia.
What is my best option to do this. I have a clearance from my government . I don't want to work or start a business. I actually brought myself a camera and that's something I'd like to pursue.
What's the latest Joe? Regards David

Hi David.

Don't worry mate, there is no reason why you can't retire in Cambodia.

Under 55 you have to give proof of your retirement, which you have in the form of your disabled pension. That's all. If you ever get a check by officers they would only see your monthly bank slips so that they know you're not working to have money.

Unfortunately many embassy employees haven't a clue of what is really going on. They live in another country and just hear things from time to time.

There is also nothing going on against Australians in particular, so all is fine.

And no, visas didn't change again.

Relax mate, all is fine.



If you need a retirement visa or long term visa it would be worth talking to me. I get 1 year visas easily without even being employed or having a workers permit. It only takes 1 person at the airport to stamp your passport. :) Relax everything is still easily obtainable here in Cambodia. Just don't have the typical Barang mindset

What triggered worry for me was talking over the phone to a travel consultant who said I'd need an onward flight ticket and then I rang the embassy to see what the current retirement visa requirements were and he informed their was no such thing for an Australian only Japan. Joe has been most helpful in relieving of my anxiety. I have my letter from the government stating I'd receive my payment indefinitely. All I have to now is get a three months bank statement and I'm set. I'll get that closer to my departure date. So thanks for the offer but my mind was already at ease. Regards Dave

You're on the right track Dave, you will get a 1-year retirement extension of stay and can repeat that every year, as long as you want.

On top it's legal. Stay away from so-called fixers with "easy" solutions. They are in the illegal path and if you get caught you will be deported and blacklisted.

Follow the rules and be happy, Cambodia is so easy with visas compared to Thailand and Vietnam.



Ok glad to hear everything worked out. All the best to you!

Hey Joe,
              Success , I picked up my visa and they'd accepted my application for a retirement visa. Letter from my government and three months of my bank statements. Too simple. Thanks for your guidance and support. I just have too look up the restrictions again lol. Take care

Hi Dave.

I told you it's possible.  :D

The only restriction is that you are not allowed to work.



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