Moving to Moscow

Dear members,

Need your advice, I m planing to come to Moscow for business visa for one year, I would love to live in Moscow and settle my life and work there, my question is if I come for 1 year and I would like to apply for work permit is that even possible or I have to go out and come back again??

Plz help with your knowledge And if you guys know any better idea?

If you have multiple entry Visa, then should be OK.
I believe that all one year working visa will be multiple.

You can apply for work permit during you stay in Russia

Hello i really appreciate the reply, was waiting for this kind of information)) and if u know plz tell me is it easy to get work permit,I am  kind of worried for this? Thank you very much for replying!!

send me your number- I will try to explain

I have send you pm already, hope u get it! Thank u

hi, pm me your number as well please, because I've found my messages to you blocked for some reason..

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