Profession Change for ACCA's & SOCPA Membership

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I landed in Riyadh a few days back. By Profession I am an Accountant having ACCA qualification. But my visa is not of the same category so I will be going under the Change of Profession process. For this I require the requisites including the attestation requirements and the SOCPA membership? So if any one having any knowledge of the process please do share. I have my ACCA membership certificate attested by MOFA and Saudi Embassy UK and not Saudi Culture since they do not attest it anymore.


hi, i am also facing same issue, give me your mobile number to discuss this issue with you.


Share your experiences how you changed your profession in accounting? I am also facing the same issue. Is there anyone who change the accounting profession recently. Kindly let us know the procedure.

Dear any update

Nopes brother i only got my SOCPA membership so far my sponsor has some issues with the MOL hence their system is stuck and can not process my change of profession due to some lame WPS issue.

For other ACCA's who have done this process change and called their families to kingdom or otherwise please share the process and your story so that others can get guidance and help accordingly.


what documents you submitted for SOCPA membership? and how many days it took … p9BccS0Ayy

I submitted my ACCA membership certificate and it took me just 2 days. As soon as i paid my membership and one time registration fees to SOCPA that was around 840 SAR including VAT i got my membership on spot. However, I submitted my ACCA membership certificate first at dataflow website and paid 525 SAR for its verification. Once i received their email that my application is accepted for verification I applied for membership from SOCPA and it was done within 2 days. Next day i went to SOCPA headoffice in Riyadh and got my Membership card from SOCPA.

Mr Faiz,

Can you please let me know is there any membership type mention on the SOCPA membership card. Please let me

Hi Zain,

Yes the type mentioned is Temporary Accounting Technician.


I want to apply for SOCPA membership. My iqama profession is General accountant.  I have graduation certificate only in university of calicut but this certificate not done saudi embassy attestation. Is it enough for getting membership in Socpa. Can i upload this certificate for Socpa membership..

Yes, you should be able to get membership even if its not attested by Saudi embassy. As SOCPA will send your certificates to Dataflow and they will verify the certificates by contacting your university,

Thanks for your valuable information....


Is it mandatory to attest the certificate in MOFA?
Is it required to translate the certificate in Arabic?

Dear All,

My Accounting certificates are already attested in Saudi Embassy in India.

My question is - For SOCPA -
Is it mandatory to attest the certificate in MOFA?
Are we need to translate the certificate in Arabic?

Please reply for above query as my iqama will expire in 15 days.

i want to get info
as i have distance learning degree in accounts but saudi culture and saudi embassy is not attesting these degrees anymore
so can i get socpa membership without these attesting certificates?

Have you done your membership update  am also having same issue , If you did it please let me know the details just WhatsApp me ***

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I have also same issue.Let me know how solve ur problums...

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