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Hello dears,

I'm living in Iraqi Kurdistan for 9 years, it is very beautiful, safe and developing place in Iraq. People here are very friendly and helpful. Recently I got an offer for Angola country. I don't know what to answer them or what to ask them before giving final answer, any one can help me please?

Thank yoiu


I can surely give you some advice and information on Angola, but it depends on various factors, like What Industry and Company you represent, Where will you be wanting to live and work in Angola? What are you expecting from the Angolans and Angola? Do you know Portuguese- If not then you will have a tough time communicating with 95% of people. If you do come to Angola, be prepared to have all your clothes and undergarments, shoes and such items available ibn plenty. Angola is highly expensive for these items. The only thing that is relatively cheap in Angola is Liquor that to if it is from Portugal. Otherwise all fruits, vegetables, milk are imported. Plenty of Fish available though.
Thanks and Good Luck

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