Jobs for English Speakers

Hello my dear expatriates,
I'm Anna Christina from Greece  and currently living in Norway. I'm moving to Angola in November and I was wondering if anyone knows  any type of jobs for english speakers without being necessarily in the oil and gas industry.
Thanx in advance for any help / information given. :)

Hello Luana.
Yes you can get job as a English teacher for primary school.salary will be good

Hello Aiden,
I am also an English teacher planning to move to Angola.
How do I get hired?

Good idea. When you come into Angola let me know on time so that I will get you a job. Even currently I need a teacher in Angola(Luanda)

Teaching is also available for English speakers. Am in need of a teacher by January 2019

Hi good evening,
I am indian.are you still looking for teachers.if yes please call me.msg me inbox

For those of you who are looking for teaching jobs why not use Google, search for schools and contact them.
Be proactive.


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I am an English teacher thinking of moving abroad, how do I apply please?

Hi, I'm thinking of moving to Angola next  I've got a bachelor's degree in psychology from SA, how can I apply for a teaching  job post preferably primary school

Looking for a job as an Electrical Engineer or Tutor in Mathematics and Science fields

Hello, should you still need a teacher I am available, also looking for an employment opportunity

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Jobs in Angola section of the website if you are looking for a job. The forum should not be used as a job board.

Thank you in advance,

Hi, I'd be interested in hearing of any available posts in Angola starting Jan 2019

Are you still looking for a English teacher?

Hallo am looking for job as english teather in angola how do i get it

stumpy wrote:

For those of you who are looking for teaching jobs why not use Google, search for schools and contact them.
Be proactive.

This ^ is the winning post of the thread.

Think as an employer would think and go hunting for work instead of hoping something will drop into your lap.
Google is your friend

how could I contact you regarding a teaching proposal. My wife just got settled here and is an English speaking teacher.

Call me on ***

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Hi my name is linda adaeze,please am looking for an english job to start this january 2019 or febuary2019.thanks i will really appreciate because this will enable me to feed my aging mother and children.thank you God bless yoy

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Hello Angel,

Can you please provide your email address. I have bachelors degree in psychology from northeastern university and a masters degree in education from UCL. I was looking for a teaching job in Luanda

Hello, are u still in need of a teacher?

Hey, this is an old thread, but I would appreciate any updates and info.


See your inbox dear

Hi guys!
Luana's post is kind of old one. Luana, are you still in Angola? Guys I'm looking for the same kind of job as Luana. Anyone please. Can you letmme know how to get one?

Hi Guys

I am currently living in Eritrea and I am thinking of moving to Angola in the end of August
Is there any job that I can apply for English speakers.

looking forward for your advice