Mattress advise?

I would like to buy a new mattress. Now I want to know which mattress (I mean from which material) can you recommend me?

I think having a budget indicated will greatly help OP!

Hola. I would go to:

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or to … f-mattress

good luck

For a recommendation, we would have to know a lot more about  you, for example, your sleeping habits, your previous mattresses and the experiences you have made with them, your special demands that you place on a mattress play a role when you are buying a mattress.  Furthermore, your body sizes and weights play a role (which will probably differ from each other) as well as your respective weight distribution.
My personal favorite is the  SureGuard Mattress ( … ess-covers )  I've been using them for many years and they are on every bed I own - that's 2 in my house, 3 in my lake house and also 2 in my son's house.  For me, they are simply the best!

The simple answer to your question is to go to a shop that sells beds and mattresses. There you can discuss your needs within your budget and try out a selection. When it comes to mattresses its only you that can make the right decision.

As Osmica said, it would be better to know more about your budget and health condition. It's not that simple to recommend a mattress without such details. For example, I'm kinda heavier than average man of my age, so I can't use most of the models because of my weight. So, some of my recommendations might be not helpful for you :P
IDK if you're still reading this topic or not, but it would be great if you'll mention that in your reply.

Also, look through … /index.htm … -0v6fk8sqz … mattresses … ing-guide/

I suggest that you should pick a mattress that’s made from latex. This material will properly cushion your heels, hips and shoulder while sleeping. It also provides proper support for your spine to ensure that it’s correctly aligned. Mattresses made from this material are also very durable so they’ll last for several years. I actually bought a latex mattress from this online beds Leeds just recently. I can say that it really provides the spine support and the comfort that I need to sleep well. Hope this helps!

Buying a mattress from local store is more beneficial than buying online. Because, you will be able to touch the mattress and feel it.

However, online buying has its own advantages and disadvantages. Talking of the advantages, you will be able to see a wide varieties of products with discounts, you can find mattresses within your criteria such as budget, firmness level, types, sizes etc.. … s=mattress many mattresses, please check: … s=mattress

You can also check as well.

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