Expat Gathering in Jakarta

I was recently invited by Expat.com to attend a gathering with other members in Malaysia.

So I was just wondering if Expat.com plan to arrange a gathering in Jakarta whereby we could meet up with our Experts for coffee or a meal.

Members are welcome to organise events amongst themselves and hopefully they will.

Nah...was hoping to meet up with our two esteemed Indonesian Experts.

I don't live in Jakarta

Do you prefer to hold the gathering in Tangerang?

By all means add a Tangerang gathering

Great! That's two of us. Let's wait and see who else wants to meet you. Luke would you like to meet Fred at a gathering in Tangerang?

I would be more than happy to meet up with Fred. But not really a gathering with two people but I am sure we would have enough to talk about.

Great! That makes three of us. Hopefully a few more will join our gathering.

Not three as I'm nowhere near Tangerang and I don't fancy the many hours of travelling to get there.

How about holding it in BSD City?

count me in at bsd,cheers!

Ricardo001 you would be more than welcome however currently neither myself or Fred have time or are in BSD to organise a meet up.

Sadly some posters have been goading us to organise one without really wanting to help or actually attend.

Perhaps we will organise something and if we do you will definitely be contacted.

I'm all over Indonesia at the moment and no idea where I'll be from one week to the next so it's pretty much impossible for me in the foreseeable future.

great news lukereg.


Rick, do you have any gatherings lined up for this coming Autumn?

many gathering,just pm me if you want to join in our event,many expat came
at least 4x a month we meet,lots of food and prizes aswell.you know in indonesia
especially foreigners,people come and go!

Sure Rick, will let you know if I am in the area.

today we have at kemang also in mega kuningan 8pm,many expat are coming.

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