Any Arab Community in Jakarta?? Arabic Restaurants or Coffee?

Hello All,
I moved recently to Jakarta, oil and gas services, I am from Egypt, was wondering any Arab community in Jakarta, and does any one knows nice Arabic restaurant or coffee
thank you all

i am ehab also from egypt
if u wanna contact

hello there there is alot of arab restaurantsin cikini area in Raden Saleh street, also u have Annafoura restaurant in Lemerridian

Hell all .
well as im moroccan and arabian . i would like to invite all of you to my house eating delecious moroccan couscous with my famiy in south of jakarta hope you guys interessted and you want just informe me .

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my account on fb
i will be happy if u be in touch :)
belal from egypt

My name is also Mahmoud, also from Egypt.
I really wish to start my live in Indonesia. If anyone here have any information about job that is available for me, kindly contact me, please.
I've graduated from University of Cairo and currently work in Vodafone Egypt. My speciality is in the IT field but I don't mind to work in any other possible work that is available in there.

Thank you in advance,

Moucine sounds great....

Hi I am from USA but I lived in Egypt for more than 10years it would be great if I can meet Egyptians here kindly contact me

Hi still in Jakarta?would love to meet you

There are a lot of Arabic restaurants in Kemsing area

Abu Nawas, Hadramaut and Al Jazeerah are recommended. I have been four times at Abu Nawas for business meeting and family time. We have some in common, middle east cuisines.

There is one at Plaza Festival on Jalan Rasuna Said. It's called Al Tahrir restaurant

I am Ahmed from Egypt , living in Jakarta almost one year.

regarding to your question.

Tahrir is egyptian resturant .

D'consulat is arabic restaurant, there are two branches one close to sabang and other one close to taman rasuna.

Also there is Arabic supermarket called afia you can find Arabic ingredient if you can cook.

Assalamu alaykum si Mohsine, wahada houwa  wa illa fala, achkhbarek asidi,
I am actually in chicago , planing to come fo a visit to jakarta inshallah.
What do you suggest.

I suggest you write in English as this is the English forum and explain a little more.

Luke has that right.
Whilst I understand what you were saying, the majority of posters will not and this is a religiously neutral place so most won't care either.
Still, polite is nice and it was a nice thought.

hai im indonesia and im life at hcmc vietnam now adn palnning back jakarta with my boyfriend egyptian and maybe we need some community to make him comfort when ,move there

I am Indonesian but I loove arabic food. I tried one in senayan city food court, it was great!

welcome to Jakarta , let him contact me any time

There is some Arabic family all around jakarta , but not too much. For the restaurant there is Shisha in kemang area,  It's a Lebanese restaurant and coffee , nice ambiance and food

Hi i would like to be friend with u

If you reside in East Jakarta, then you will find some on Pramuka street, in Central Jakarta on Cikini Raya street.

Hi everyone, i am Egyptian businessman and i want to open a chain of resturants in Indonesia..does anyone know how i can get access to that?

Open a PT PMA company. You'll find plenty of agents that will be more than willing to help you ... for a price.
Once accepted, the stay permit is all but automatic.

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