Failed in driving license

Hi all,

Yesterday i had my Driving test, the inspector was so rude from the start once he entered inside the vehicle, and i really dont know what was wrong with him he simply failed me with the reason i have no wheel control and i dont focus, that was worst
i have been driving more than 10 years even i took full 22 hours and he simply said i dont focus, does anyone have been through such experience, also now i have already book my next date but i want to change the instructor is it possible.

Yes few of us definitely have been through it, you cannot help it dont loose hope keep trying. Yes you can change your instructor by visiting the driving school, take your book along and ask for the process.


Yes i changed my instructor and now i will have my test again by 2nd august

The inspector did the same to me. He saying out of control.I drive all the vehicles an equipments including heavy and trailor also. The inpector is very bad in traffic. He saying out of control. Actually his vehicle has alignment problem. If we keep steering straight, the vehie sudden go left. I am working i n the vehicle field as mechanical engineer. I have vehicle maintenance experience more than 5 years. The vehicle was problem. He failed me on the out of control problem said. I dont know why they doing like this.

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