Sending a gift card to someone in France

I am in America and I would like to send a friend a gift card who is living in France.

Something she could shop with in a shopping center in Paris or something. Is there anything like that? or maybe ? and do not appear to have an English translation ><

This one is nice  It can be used in a lot of shops all over France,but their website seems to be only in Trench. :0(

*French*...not Trench...

Hi, I've seen your reply to this about ...I'm trying to buy a gift card for a guy who returned my phone to me (I was on holidays in Lyon and lost my mobile...this very kind and complete stranger then posted it out to me). I want to buy him a little gift as a way of saying thank you and that gift card seems perfect...but it says I need a SIRET number, do you have any idea what that is? :)