ESL Teacher jobs

Hi All! My name is Rach. In August this year I will move to Accra Ghana. 'm curious to know if there are opportunities to work as a part-time ESL Teacher. I have been living in China and working as an ESL teacher for two years, so I have plenty of experience and love working with kids. I would also be interested in work in the Kumasi area also. TIA!

There are opportunities for ESL teaching here but mainly in teaching adults. English is the medium of education in schools in Ghana but local private schools tend to pay very little. To get a good salary in the expat schools you need to be appointed from overseas.
There are companies offering language teaching here in Accra but not sure about Kumasi. I teach adults on a part time basis but always remember that to work here you need a work permit and local employers are not always willing to pay the $1000 to get one for you

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