Help please? :(

I have a Norwegian boyfriend for just about 2mos now and he plan to visit here by july... we were thinking if we'll marry on that month so before his birthday in January next year I will be with him... but I'm scared of the "Marriage of Convenience " category that I read on the embassy's portal and I am asking your help for suggestions so I can be there with an approved reunification visa by Jnauary next year? Please, thank you so much for the help...

The length of your relationship will be assessed and there might be a possibility that UDI will assume its too quick to get married as a red flag. Its a risk you need to take. I have not encountered or personally know people who had gone through the same rel timeframe like yours. A few cases I know was like they met online, they visit each other and after a year or so, they got engaged and got married. Try waiting for some folks here maybe they can relate to your sitch! Goodluck!

Thank you Alina... Maybe I'll just talk to him to wait a little longer

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