I am hoping to be in Vietnam mid to end of August 2018.  I will be training and then looking for work; so will initially be there for approximately 3 months maybe longer depending on how things work out.  I have been looking at the above insurance covers and found that there is not much difference between the two in terms of what you are covered for.   However, travel insurance is much cheaper than medical insurance.

Would it be better to get the travel insurance?

I would suggest a cheap travel insurance.
If you then stay in Vietnam for a longer period of time, you can take out health insurance.

But the health insurance premiums are quite high.
For this money you can go to the hospital a few times.

I will take out a health insurance sometime in the future (I don't get younger  :) ), but I will choose an insurance solution with a high deductible so that the premiums are low but that I won't soon be destitute in case of a serious accident or illness.

Thank you for your reply, most appreciated.

Pay careful attention to the fine print - many/most travel insurance polices do NOT cover you if you do NOT have a return ticket, or travel by land/sea, to your home starting point. Be careful, they tend to be very evasive when you ask them this question. One that does provide cover regardless of means of travel, with or without a return ticket, is World Nomads, but they are more expensive. For a long term stay get a stand alone medical policy.

Thank you

Forest facts is correct.  Be aware all insurance companies main objective
is to avoid paying claims.  The 'fudging' in the fine print is fascinating.

Cover yourself by enquiring as to the validity of the clauses/covers you
want and need to clarify via email or letter.  The necessity for this precaution
will become obvious should you ever (dare to?) make a claim.

Travel is cheaper by virtue of the larger number.  Yes, it is a numbers game
designed to make you feel comfortable.  While the shareholders grow richer.

  Know the risks.  You will lose anyway.      :cool:

Agree with later comments, TI is mostly for peace of mind, placebo if you like. Have always had it but have never truly tested it. Their warm soothing words up front suddenly change to cold hearted reality when you try to make a claim. Your answer to their first question should always be a firm flat NO, No I was not drinking.

I thought i would add to the advice about travel insurance - it there is more fine print in the policy than you can read or understand then avoid it like the plague. There is unfortunately so much fraud in the industry.

Thank you.

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