Is that specific "brand" or "product" available in Ecuador?

I've learned to search on MercadoLibre for items before asking my girlfriend. But sometimes even she doesn't know. I've gone to the major malls, MegaKywi, Mi Comisariato, MegaMaxi, etc. and occasionally come up empty handed. I also have learned that the keyword could be the wrong one.

So here is an example:

In order to solve a plumbing issue with my girlfriend's kitchen sink (and having had the same plumbing symptoms at a house 8 years ago) I knew the simple solution would be an válvula de admisión de aire, or air admittance valve. I searched MercadoLibre for Ecuador, and nothing came up. I showed several pictures to the clerk at MegaKywi and he had no idea what it was. I checked again for the product to make sure I had the correct name in Spanish: You can get the valve in Chile and Mexico but not Ecuador.  In any case, I'll be packing one in my suitcase!

I opened this thread for people to check if something very specific exists in Ecuador (provided you've done some checking first on MercadoLibre or olx)

Are Charcoal briquettes like "Briquetas Originales Del Carbón De Leña De Kingsford" available? Where?

I only saw lump charcoal in MegaKywi / Megamaxi. Nothing on MercadoLibre or OLX

This is something that I still experience now. There are things in which an obvious keyword does not result in a hit. It's frustrating at times, especially when locals don't know either, but perseverance pays off.

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