How is kuala Lumpur for vegetarians gujarati and cost wise

Hi I'm single male, moving from gujarat India to kuala Lumpur next week.

company is offering me 5000 myr per month
My concern is how kuala Lumpur is for vegetarians gujarati

I know majority is Muslim what will be the cost of food if you are pure veg and cost of living

Is 5000 myr per month is enough to live there

Vegetarian food is available but not all will be Indian style as Malaysia is very cosmopolitan.

Salary is livable but, depending where the job is located, what level of rent you will need to pay. Flat sharing will enable you to save more money.

These sites give the cost of everyday items - numbeo or expatistan. What I hear is KL and Mumbai are equally expensive these days because of rising costs in India. To move here from India the recommended rise in salary used to be 30%.


You can get pure vegetarian food in a few selected places. You need to make sure you live/work near such a place. Most of the indian places will serve you vegetarian food, but they also cook non-veg.

RM 5,000 should be enough per month for a single  person.

I am from the USA and am developing an Indian Retirement community near the airport called ShantiNiketan which will serve only vegetarian food. But this place is only for 55+ retired people.

Hi- You will get Veg food.. :) Food is not a concern here

@kparimal13, We both have similar requirement. I am from Gujarat(Surat). My job will start from next month. I am pure vegetarian. For cost cutting we must need to share rooms. Right now I am finding room in KL. What if we rent a 2bhk flat n share rent?

I am also a vegetarian brother, I am studying vegetarian food available at some places for instance from 50 restaurants you will find luckily one restaurant out here . It's been two months I am staying here not even once I went to vegetarian restaurant. Plus if you get vegetarian than also that food is pathetic got this review from my friend. Contact me will give you the whole scenario. 😊

You can find good veg food in brickfields area.

Am venkatesh, INDIAN, Looking for flat sharing in cyberjaya .. can any one contact me if interested....

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