Job opportunity at University of Hail in Saudi Arabia


I have been offered a position of Assistant Professor at University of hail and I have already signed the initial offer letter. 

1. I would like to know what will be the next step and how much time is going to take?
2. How is the living standard and how much it will be cost for the two people in Hail?
3. Being a female, what will be the best option, (a) to get housing provided by the university. (b). or to search a place.
will it be ok if I begin the process for the September but join in Feb 2019, because I would like to finish my contract job in Pakistan?
Thanks in advance for the suggestions and reply.

Hello Sundaskhan.

How long did it take for the University to give you your offer letter after the interview?

after 1-2 week.

Thank you.


I need a help from some one expert.
I have applied for Taibah university in Saudi arabia as Assistant professor but they didnt reply for two months even I was interested in that university. After two months,  university of hail offered the same  position for me and I signed the initial offer letter. Now Taibah university contect me and soon they will send me intial offer letter. As I am interested in Taibah university so what I have to do?
Thanks in advance

Hello Dears,
I have also an offer from Hail University,I'm from Tunisia, I signed and sent the contract in April
please did you have an idea which will be the next step
Thank you

Dear Dr!
I also signed the offer letter in april but didnt hear anything yet. Please update me if hear from them.

Dear all,
Please Who did receive the visa after signing the contract?

Signing the offer contract first, then visa... afterwards another signing of contract when you arrived :)

Have you already signed the contract?

I am also waiting for their instruction...

I have not yet received the contract

I also applied for Hail University. But no response. Kindly tell which subject u applied for?

I applied for Taibah University but no response. I have given interview at Delhi.
Kindly tell me how u get offer letter.

I got interviewed by hail university and they send their recommendations to higher authorities will i get the job or how much time will be taken by them

What department are you hired?

If they have sent your recommendation to higher authority means you have got job. Now prepare your documents. What is your field? When was interview? Did you apply for sept 2019 intake or 1s jan 2020 intake?

When did you applied and for which department? I just joined the uni.

I applied for a faculty in dentistry dept i was interviewed near 7 days ago what will be their response?

Good day everybody. I am just curious about how HU/HR/ communicates with job candidates. Is it through e-mail or postal mail? Thank you.

First  ur shortlisted then interviewed by the department and they send their recommendations to HR.

Thank you for your quick response. Sorry, I did not clarify enough to get  a tailored response. I meant after the successful department interview. If the application is approved by HR, how do they communicate with you? Thank you.

I am also in same situation.Idk the rest of process.btw in which dept. U have applied for?

College of Arts and Sciences.

Ok, I would like to share my experience as it might be of benefit. I was interviewed on the 10th of Feb and on the 14th of Feb I was told that my papers have been forwarded to the Higher Committee. I got my initial offer letter on the 18th of March.

All communications have been done via email. However, your offer letter will be on the website which you applied from initially. But you will be notified about it by email and URL link will be sent to you so you may Accept/Reject the offer. The link will take you to the webpage and there you will- God willing- find your offer letter.

I think this system is new and the website is efficient, you surely know about it as the initial application was made through it. So, wait for some time and things will go smooth God willing. Hope this helps.

I am not sure what is next though, as I am in this stage now.

Ok, I would like to share my experience . I was interviewed on the 23 of jan and on the 5th of Feb I was told that my papers have been forwarded to the Higher Committee. I got my initial offer letter on the 4th of March.

According to last year I think they will send the visa after 20 july.

for which department?

Business Administration


My application was forwarded to the  Higher Committee on the 29th of Feb and still don't receive my offer letter.

Anyone with similar situation? any advice?

Dear ascie,

I think you would be receiving your offer by the end of April in sha Allah . If you received nothing by that time, then I suggest that you email your college/department.

All the best,

If they have sent your recommendation to higher authority. Almost thats means you have got job.
In my case, I waited 30 days  after sent my recommendation to higher authority without any response. After that I contact the dean and the head of the department by e-mail. only 3 days after  correspondence them  I got the job offer..

I advice you to contact your collage and department.

Ok will try


I was interviewed for the position of assistant prof at univ of hail, and i received the contract offer on 9th april. I wanted to negotiate the salary, but since the mail was sended from noreply address so i was unable to reach some one to talk to him!! Even i tried to find a contact number but no result. So i just accepted the offer and i wrote what i need in the comments. But till now there's no news!

Can some one help me, i dont know my situation now!


If you accepted the job offer, then you should not worry, you will in-sha-Allah get the job. The next step after accepting the job offer is to receive your visa. This takes quite some time here, and you mentioned that you received your offer on the 9th of April which is relatively recent. I have received my offer letter on the 18th of March and I am still waiting for the visa. So, no need to worry, just be patient for the time being.


I have my application sent to the higher authority three days ago and i am wainting for the offer to be sent. I want to know about the salary range please and is it possible to negociate the offer.


Dear Ines_gh ;
Salary range For an Assistant Professor,  basic salary at Hail is 5600 SAR. You get 400 SAR per year of post Phd experience, Then there is a special allowance. This can theoretically vary between 30% to 100% of the (basic+experience allowance) salary.  There is 600 SAR per month of transport allowance as well. Apart from this, there are other allowances like house rent allowance (25K per annum), furnishing allowance (12500 paid once), medical etc.
For an Associate Professor,  basic salary at Hail is 7250 SAR. You get 450 SAR per year after the promotion to associate professor.

Thank you for your response!


I am still waiting for an offer, it's been more than two month since the transfer of my application to the Higher Committee.
I contacted the department but they didn't answer.
Has anyone the number of the recruitment department? Or did anyone tried to contact them?

thanks in advance,

Dear ascie,

2 months is indeed a long time. In case of this university you should always call the relevant people rather than emailing them, as usually they do not respond to emails.

Ok, call Hail university on this number 920005995 and then press 5 then dial one of these extensions: 8230, 8303, 1144, 7244.

May Allah make it easy for us and you

Thank you,

It's just seem to me very strange how they handle these applications. Very long waiting period and no way to keep track of the status of the application.

all the best

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