Moving to Salzburg


I'm Sandy and I was born and live in Edinburgh. I make artisan jewellery and work for myself. I have travelled extensively and still love to do this. I spent Christmas 2017 in Salzburg and fell in love with it. I couldn't get over how happy everyone was on Christmas day in the Christmas Market and on my first day as I left the hotel a beautiful elderly lady said good morning to me. This would never happen in Edinburgh. I also loved the beauty of Salzburg and the peace. By chance, I went to the Nutcracker Ballet and a tall lady sitting directly in front of me noticed that I was small and moved seats with her (I think) mother and so I got a perfect view - I was amazed at her kindness. Every day was a joy in Salzburg and the people were so friendly and kind. I loved the snow and the cold proper winter and even when it rained I was still smiling. The vendors selling alcohol were busy but nobody was aggressive or drunk, every day I encountered people with good manners. I know it was just a short holiday but for me, there was nothing to dislike.
Having voted against leaving Europe, I was heartbroken (and still am) that we lost. I believe we are stronger together and I want to leave the UK. I have loved Italy for many years - just like anyone who goes there, but I would like to move to Austria.
My difficulty, even here, is trying to find a small place to rent to make my metal jewellery. The building I work from now houses 200 artists and has just been sold for redevelopment and so I will have to leave in less that 18 months.
I was wondering if anyone on the forum could give any advice on finding a small place to rent that I could turn into a workshop for making my jewellery?
Any advice would be most welcome.

That’s a nice story and it looks like you’ve seen the light. I can’t answer your question on that matter and   I’m not sure how we stand post brexit yet myself. Hope you find a small workshop suitable but I guess it ain’t cheap for one in Salzburg.

On another note try ‘willhaben’ as that’s the Austrian on line app for everything you’d want to buy. They do property rental to selling cars.

Thank you, Tigcraft. Your reply is both kind and helpful.

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