New to salzburg

Hello there

I am new to salzburg- just recently got a job there. My German is GCSE standard so am certainly not yet capable of conversing with the locals as of yet though I am keen to learn. Am wondering if there are any english speakers around who are in a similar boat and who might want to explore the surrounding area at all?


Hi James,

welcome to! :)

hi james, how u finding salzburg? have u settled in now? hows the job going

i have moved in to the area and just looking at the forum to see if there any other ex pats in salzburg, maybe try and get some sort of ex pat thing going, what your experience been so far?

i am origionaly from yorkshire


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Hi there,

I don't live in Salzburg, but will be there from the 28th of March for a week. Would be lovely to meet some people for a drink or to explore the surroundings with!

I would be in salzburg soon... I'd love to you guys.

Salzburg is full of English speakers, some are Brits,
Whenever I visit Salzburg which is several times a year I hear lots of English spoken. People are not tourists.
There is even a shop which sells all sorts of stuff British, Kaigasse I think or very close by.

Lots of Brits here, most of whom are working for Red Bull Media House (or the HQ down in Fuschl) or here for seasonal work in the ski season.

I've been here since September and finally settling in. Not seen any info on a meet up, anyone fancy picking a pub (maybe one of the Irish pubs) or a location for a nice meet up? :)

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