PR Re-Apply Chance

Hi all!

Alittle bit about myself
Female/25/chinese indonesian/degree holder
Currently holding spass (past was epass)
Length of being at Singapore is 1.5 years
Applied pr once and get rejected after 3 months

My mom already PR. She remarried with Singaporean. Thats why i want to relocate at Singapore.

I would like to wait maybe 1-2year before reapplying.
But just curious about my chance.


Getting a PR is not that easy and there several yardsticks come into play e.g. contributing towards society, job skills, salary, staying period (longer is better), ethnic group (Chinese Malaysian are the most preferable, followed by Malaysian then Indian Malaysian). Not being a Malaysian, success rate drops significantly.

Always remember, you should reapply PR, if there is a significant change in your job position or skills or additional educational certificates etc., without that the result could be potentially the same. Good luck

Dear Surya2k

Was thinking, for the educational certification, do i need to take like a diploma? Or master? Or i can take any educational certification that i want?


Normal PR applications only have a chance if you're already living and working here for at least 3 years.
Shorter durations will only be approved if you are somehow desirable for Singapore. Other than your Chinese ancestry, I cannot see anything towards that in your post.

Dear Beppi, i understand . I will reapply after 3 year staying here. Thanks

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