Moving to Panama.

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I’m a toursit visiting Panama from Trinidad and Tobago. So today I went to the immigration office for some advice to moving here.
The guy said that I can come and stay for three months and then go back for another three months. He said I’ll have you keep doing this in order to get a visa. Have any of you done/ heard about this process before?

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You can stay in Panama for 180 days as a tourist. If you drive though, your license is only good for 90 days. If you leave for 3 days (maybe less depending on the mood of the officer on duty) then you can drive for another 90 days. Confusing, I know.

By visa do you mean you want to become a resident of Panama? For that you need a lawyer and you can start the process at any time. Once your application is submitted it takes around 3 months. very good lawyer.

Some countries who don’t have an agreement with Panama, those people need to apply for a visa to visit Panama. I don’t know about Trinidad and Tabago, and if you need a visa how long it allows you to stay. I’m from the US where there is an agreement and we are allowed the 180 days I talked about above.

Good luck, hope that helps

If your country has an agreement with Panama similar to the US, this might also explain a bit … -tourists/

Hey there,
Thanks a lot for the information🙂. That’s correct. I’m looking to obtain a residency visa however due to my status there isn’t any option that suits me😞.
The only thing I was told is that I can become a student here or I can go and come every three months. However I have never heard of such an option.

Talk to Marcos Kraemer (website above) before you give up. Maybe he can find something that will work for you. You can’t come and go every 3 months. You used to be able to, but not any more. Check the other link above for more info on that.

Thank you very much for your help🙂. I sent him an email awaiting response. Hopefully there is something that can de done.

The requirements are different for Trinidad and Tobago , check with a lawyer they would now

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