Info. on legal immigration to Panama?

Hello. I am not sure this is the right forum for this.

I am a U.S. Citizen; however, I am looking for information on how a citizen from Nicaragua who entered Panama as a tourist and stayed more than 6 months might go about rectifying the situation so they can legally work in Panama.

Can anyone recommend a good resource/website or a good immigration attorney? I saw another thread on immigration lawyers in Panama but it seemed targeted to expats from the USA, UK, Canada, etc.  who are looking to live in Panama.

Thank you.   I don't think it makes a difference what country you entered from, just if you are in complianance with Panamanian laws. Best to consult a lawyer though.

Thank you

I think you should  vist The website of inmigration Panama.

You can also contact me for more questions ***

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Hello. *** I would love to help with some info.
These are the requirements required by the National Immigration Service, so you and/or your wife can opt for the VISA called: JUBILADO PENSIONADO.

-          Power Attorney and Application (notarized)
-          Three (3) photographic pictures carne size
-          Complete copy of your passport  (notarized)
-          Healthy Certificate ( you could get the test here in Panama prior to submitting your visa application, it is recommended that this test be made by a Doctor and Laboratory here in Panama). If both you and your husband are applying for the visa then both of you would be required to have the test made and ordered by a local Doctor. 
-          Penal History Back Records, National Law enforcement agency of Canada, this report would have to be NOTARIZED, Sealed, Stamped by the Panamanian Embassy in Canada for they certificate then and translate. Is more easy if you get this documents with you when you’re come back
-       Full complete Immigration Form (which I would complete, with your assistance as per the necessary inquiries as per the form).
-     Marriage Certificate
-         Certification of your JUBILADO condition ( is like retirement), could be for a government, private or international organization or entity.
-          The letter must prove from the date you are retired and have to clearly state: you receive more than one thousand dollar’s monthly per life.

Example Mr.Bill Morgan,  has been retired since 2002  and he receives a monthly payment of two thousand dollars until the end of her life.
The letter must come with a proper letter head with the info of the company.
-      Your bank statement, recently have to be notarized and APOSTILLE.
**All documents must be originals and proper translated into Spanish by a Certified Translator. All subject documents must have the APOSTILLE on each document and issued via the Panamanian Embassy in Canada, United Estates etc. All documents should be send to Panama via express courier with the tracking number forwarded to the receiving party. 
The above Is very important. Don’t forget that.
REMEMBER ALL DOCUMENTS HAVE TO COME TRANSLATED, NOTARIZED AND WITH THE APOSTILLE STAMP.  To have value outside your Country. THE PROCESS OF NOTARIZATION, TRANSLATION along with the APOSTILLE STAMPS allows the use of the documents and  validity of the documents in Panama for submission with your application to the Immigration Office for obtaining your Visas.

I trust this assists you. ***

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As long you abide the Panamanian laws you are good, however a good consultant is needed to avoid complications

Hi guys, there is a website called where you can even hire online a group of specialized immigration attorneys, you can pay with paypal which gives you the paypal protection so you can be sure is not a scam...

never use or pay for online services

what's wrong with it??

I did this website and know the firm, i am just wondering what's wrong with online services since i am looking to help them to succeed on this e-commerce project...

I am webdeveloper and i know there are myths to break, i think this feedback is great to learn

Hola! I took a look at your website, well done and lots of good info there. I'm not sure how people will feel about paying in full on line though. I think that was the objection posted above. When we went through the process we paid half to start, and the other half when we had our permanent residency cards. We also paid expenses as needed for copies, translation, etc. along the way. If you use your website to pay is it done by credit card? Maybe an explaination of how it works before you start would be helpful. Does the client have to sign an agreement with the lawyer before proceeding with the work? We did and didn't pay anything until after papers were signed. I don't think people would be comfortable paying without meeting with the lawyer and having  signed paperwork.

Also, just a couple other things. … residency/  If you are driving you don't have to leave after 90 days unless you want to keep driving. If so a short border run and a new stamp in your passport will allow you to drive again. I believe however that if you submit your applications and get your temporary residency card, you have 30 days to get a Panamanian drivers license. Some friends of mine got tripped up on this because their lawyer didn't tell them.

I also believe there is no age requirement, only income requirement to qualify for the retired people residency and discounts. If you get, for example a friendly nations visa, do you get discounts when you are of Panamanian retirement age, or do you never get them?

What do you mean by 50% off passports. I have a passport from the US that will expire next year. Can I get another passport for 50% off?

I agree that if possible, its easier to get started on your documents while you are still in your country of origin.

Oh, and what has your experience been with citizenship, or the experience of the lawyers? I have heard various things from yes it will happen, to Panama rarely approves applications for citizenship for expats, and most of the ones granted are for people from other nearby Latin countries. Also I believe if you have the jubilado residency you are not eligible to apply for citizenship.

Oh dear, sorry to run on so long, and thanks in advance for answering questions!

Thanks for the feedback, i would take a look and talk to the attorney's firm, isn't fully launched yet and all those comments make sense, thank you very much!!

I am not attorney but i did some research in order to put together the website, but YES even if you got a friendly nations visa and you are after the panamanian retirement ages YOU DO GET the discounts... on the passport discount that only works for panamanian passsport if you are a panamanian citizen also.

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Hi and thank you, but I am a resident, and I have a lawyer I really like and would go back to him for any future needs. Best wishes for the success of your business.

Yes, I notice.. nice to meet you

That was a response to nlisi, but it seems his post was removed by the moderators. I'm glad to be a resident though because I love Panama!

Nicaraguan citizens Visa status changed on 01.10.2017.There are diffrent way to have living and working permit in Panama .I would like to help .We can arrange a meeting in our office if you want .

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