New TP7 for indep. activity? What happens when a TP4 is terminated?

I'm looking to terminate my full-time work contract imminently and my 3-year TP4 visa will go with it I expect.  I'm transitioning to freelance and contract-based consulting for one company for now, looking to expand to work with more later in the year.  2 questions:

1. As I understand it, the old TP7 for independent activities could be used in my case. Does anyone know which category of visa that falls under now and if the requirements have changed? Or if my case would be valid for a visa that sustains this?

2. I will need to report the termination of my contract to Migracion Colombia, and I have 30 days to leave the country (which is fine as I had travel plans) or move onto a different visa. Does anyone know what happens to:
- My cedula
- My cedula is connected to my Bancolombia account and funds I don't want to take out of the country as I plan to come back but I don't know how long the visa reapplication will take,
- My pension

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Your new employer should have someone on staff or an attorney on retainer who can assist you.  The recent changes (2017) in the immigration law may complicate getting the answers you need.

Since you're getting work, you should have enough plata to hire an immigration attorney on your own if the company you are working for .. is not providing assistance.

I advise against relying on non-attorney posters on this forum when your livelihood and your ability to remain in the country are at stake.

Most of the TP-7 visas have been washed away in the immigration-law changes.

The sites and have posted articles on immigration visas, including work visas.  The article at medellinguru appears more up-to-date.

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