25 days in Chiang Mai

Well friends, it looks like I might be taking a trip back to Chang Mai for 25 or so days starting in early June. Some people said that the weather will start getting more rainy and the humidity will go up and all of that. Ok, I can be prepared for that.   I’m hoping to spend some time in the city and in the country. I will be looking for accommodations in several areas but not sure I want to go yet.

So, I am looking to you guys for recommendations of how to Make this trip the best ever. The purpose of my travel is to self reflect,  find myself and find the path to peace. Hopefully I don’t sound like a hundred Other people trying to come to Thailand, One thing I have looked at to do is meditation practice at Doi Suthep http://www.fivethousandyears.org/

What else do you people have for me? I would also like to meet some of you if possible and discuss ex-pat living in Thailand. If you’re nice, I may buy you beer, LOL


Well, I've been looking at rental homes in Hang Dong (and may have just found the perfect place today!), so hit me up when you get in country.

Pollution levels have picked up this month and should continue at least through April.  Rain is a good thing in these parts as it cleans the air, greens up the forest and produces some fantastic cloud formations.  The rainy season is my favorite so June should be a good time.



There are lots of meditation centers in the north of Thailand but you are probably better off sticking with the ones which cater to a foreign clientele.  Food and language should be less of a problem.


The Expat Club is not my thing but you should at least give it a try.  Search around for options but hold back on making firm commitments.  You want to be flexible and free to take advantage of things which come up.

Thank you.

I’m trying to figure out if I want to be set in one place or be a little bit nomadic and bounce around a few different areas.

We will see.

More later

Finding one place to park allows you to get settled and be more introspective.  You start to become more aware of details and how you feel.

Moving around a lot you never get truly comfortable with your core needs.  Finding a home base is most like the experience of living here.

Being always on the go can be a huge distraction to finding yourself.

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