Food from home in Thailand

hi all,

I was wondering if I could get food I like at home in Thailand? Specifically things like gluten free bread and soya milk. If yes, what is the price of such things?

Toby ;)

In Thailand food is generally all about flavor rather than health fads.  Bread-less bread and milk-less milk can probably be found in a few high end specialty stores or supermarkets with lots of imported goods.  Life can be difficult for those with serious dietary restrictions.

Soy milk is easy to find; whether it's organic or gluten-free requires your research.
I found some French TV dinners under the Carrefour brand as well as (of course) British meat pies.

Off course you can, it is all over the place. You can even go to dinner and have your needs met.  But, you can not go to a strictly Thai store to get it. You shop at Rimping. We had a huge dinner party one night , and I asked this single guy to bring dinner rolls. He said that Chiang Mai, and Thailand did not sell rolls.  I thought where in the hec did you shop, the open air Thai market???? All Rimpings have dinner rolls , Makro has dinner rolls . I thought that was a bit strange with him.  We do not prefer Thai food, there are lots of places to go out and have Western food. We also cook a lot at home.  I remember before we moved here all the forums about certin items that I wanted to buy, they all replied you could not buy it here. Well you can I found everything I wanted. Prices are reasonable for most items. Olive oil a little high, Cold press coconut oil is a little pricy. Good steaks are crazy high priced, because it is imported from Australia. There is  a lot of Thai people we know that are health addicts, and want to stay away from stuff they prefer not to put in there bodies.

Thanks guys and girls, this is good to know! Its not that I don't like Thai food, I love a good wagamama meal, or a dirty take away on my evening work shift, but I do love gluten free bread! I Might have to substitute the G free bread for egg noodles.

Do they have egg noodles in Thailand?

Lots of egg noodles in Thailand.

Thanks man. I'll be looking forward to my egg noodles when I get there in June ;)

You can buy gluten free bread here.

I was talking to someone yesterday about gluten free bread. The Scharl bread is the BEST bread for toasted sandwiches. Not other bread tastes as good. I eat genius bread nearly every day, and it is only really good toasted.

glad to hear I can get what I want in Thailand, see you soon Chiang Mai ;)

Once you get here and find all the stuff you want or need, please give us a followup report.

sure will =D

hay can I get humus in Thailand?

Of course you can. But home made is so much better.

Humus is everywhere! can't live without ryvita and humus. Thanks =)

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